Evicting a Tenant

If your tenant owes you money and you want to get your property back, evicting a tenant through a possession order may be necessary. However, the procedure for doing so is very strict. We recommend specialist legal advice to avoid charges of harassment or illegal eviction.

Firstly, you will need to issue the tenant with either a Section 8 or Section 21 notice, depending on the circumstances. Subsequently, a standard possession order or accelerated possession order will need to be applied for with the Courts. You may need a further warrant for possession if your tenants still won’t leave.

Astle Paterson offer a fixed-fee service for managing the process, evicting the tenant and recovering possession of your rental property.

Our solicitors provide tailored advice to recover your property quickly and stress-free.

Watch our Landlord advice video

In this video, Liam O’Shea gives sound advice to UK Landlords around dealing with bad tenants. Liam covers everything from how to recover your property from tenants and seeking possession of your rented property under section 8 and section 21 to deal with bad tenants. This video also covers what to do if a tenant hasn’t left your property, tips to protect your deposit and how to serve information to your tenant.

Advice for Landlords

Astle Paterson offer a complete legal service for landlords, including management of buy-to-let residential property, drafting tenancy agreements, providing guidance on letting regulations, and evicting a tenant. Contact our specialist team below.

Contacting us for advice

If you would like to contact us for advice on litigation and the processes involved, you can choose one of the following options:

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