Court fees set to rise

Liam O’Shea, Director and Solicitor in Astle Paterson’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution department, discusses the publication of the Government’s response to proposals to increase Court fees.

Liam says “In December 2015, Shilesha Vara, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Courts and Legal Aid confirmed there will generally be an increase of approximately 10% in the Court fees payable for a range of civil proceedings.   In some instances the increase will be even more.

The changes will, however, be countered with a maximum fee cap of £10,000 for money claims.

By way of example of how the fee increases could affect you, for a typical claim for possession of a residential property the Court issue fee will increase from £280 to £308.

Further, should you obtain a monetary Judgment and wish to enforce it against the debtor, the Court for issuing a warrant of execution against goods will increase from £100 to £110, the cost of issuing an application for a third party debt order will increase from £100 to £110, the cost of issuing an application for a charging order will increase from £100 to £110, the cost of issuing an issue for a warrant of possession or delivery will increase from £110 to £121 and the cost of issuing an application for an attachment of earnings order will increase from £100 to £110.”

Liam concluded, “As yet, no date has been agreed for the new fees to come into effect but we will ensure our clients are kept fully informed of any developments.”

Should you need advice on how the changes will affect you, or should you need assistance with any type of dispute then please contact Liam O’Shea of Astle Paterson’s Litigation department on 01283 531366 or by way of email at

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