What do you want to happen to your online presence after your death?

Helen Vorley, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives at Astle Paterson in Astle Paterson’s Wills & Probate department discusses the Law Society campaign to encourage people to think about what they want to happen to their online presence after their death.

Helen said “With the ever increasing use of online facilities – including social media and online games – never before has a person’s online presence been so at the forefront of people’s minds.

In the event of your death, not only will family members and close friends wish to retain sentimental items such as photographs and comments on social media, but also the people who will be asked to carry out your wishes on your death will need to know of your online bank accounts and the passwords.”

As stated in the Law Society article, “People should leave clear instructions about what should happen to their social media, computer games and other online accounts after their death, according to the Law Society.

Having a list of all your online accounts, such as email, banking, investments and social networking sites will make it easier for family members to piece together your digital legacy, adhere to your wishes and could save time and money.”

At Astle Paterson our Wills & Probate department is headed by Peter Levy, a Solicitor with 45 years legal experience.   Peter is assisted by Helen Vorley who has worked at Astle Paterson (formerly Bakewells) in Burton upon Trent for 20 years.

Further, from 6th October to 17th October 2014 we will be offering free appointments for the drafting of your Will or updating an existing Will in conjunction with St Giles Hospice’s ‘Make a Will fortnight.’   During this period we will encourage all our clients to make a donation to St Giles Hospice instead of making a payment to us.

To discuss making a Will please contact Helen Vorley of Astle Paterson’s Wills & Probate department on 01283 531366 or by way of email to

Please click here to read the article “Leave a digital legacy after your death, urges Law Society” in full.

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