“We do not need a financial order on divorce because neither of us has any money”

This might very well have been the attitude of a Mr Vince and a Ms Wyatt when they divorced back in 1984.

Paul Walters, Solicitor in Astle Paterson’s Family department said “Neither Mr Vince nor Ms Wyatt had any money at that stage so no application was made to the Court.

Mr Vince at the time was a New Age Traveller living in a converted truck in Gloucestershire.

However, following his divorce from Ms Wyatt he created the world’s first ‘Green Energy’ Company and as a result has become a very wealthy man and even bought his local football team, Forest Green Rovers.   He also received an OBE for his efforts.

Ms Wyatt discovered his wealth a few years ago and in 2011 decided that she would claim some of his money despite the fact that the divorce had taken place some 27 years before.

Mr Vince resisted his former wife’s application.   Ms Wyatt was successful before the District Judge, however Mr Vince appealed to the Court of Appeal and the Court of Appeal decided in his favour.

Ms Wyatt has now taken the matter to the Supreme Court and their decision is awaited at this time.”

Paul concluded “Whatever the outcome, they have both spent a considerable amount of money in legal costs; indeed the District Judge made an order that Mr Vince should fund his former wife’s costs in the sum of £125,000.00.

The moral of the story is always to at least seek legal advice and to try to obtain what is known as a ‘Clean Break’ order at the time of your divorce.   Had Mr Vince done that, he would have been in the clear.”

At Astle Paterson we have lawyers with a wealth of experience who can guide you through the divorce process and ensure that your future is protected.   Please contact our Family Department on 01283 531366 or by way of email at or discuss matters further.

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