No Fault Divorce Bill to be debated today

Martin Astle, Director and Solicitor in Astle Paterson’s Family department, discusses MP Richard Bacon’s ‘No Fault Divorce’ Bill.

Martin said “There has been a further development since my recent article ‘Should the UK move to ‘no fault’ Divorce’ – Richard Bacon MP’s No Fault Divorce Bill has passed its first reading and is due to receive its second reading in the House of Commons today, Friday 22nd January 2016.

Mr Bacon’s proposed Bill would result in there being a sixth fact that a couple could seek to rely on to establish that their marriage has broken down irretrievably – one which would not involve a period of separation or an indication of blame but merely an agreement between the estranged spouses that their marriage has unfortunately broken down irretrievably.

The proposed Bill’s aim is to limit acrimony and bitterness and enable the separating couple to move through their divorce in a constructive and cooperative way.”

Martin continued “Proposals for the introduction of no fault divorce date back to 1990, and while it seems the Bill will not become law, it has, brought the need for reform of our divorce law to the forefront again.

In any event, the House of Commons’ proposed debate is eagerly awaited.”

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