Video: Business Legal Advice from our corporate team

Our corporate services are in great demand thanks to the knowledge and hard work of our corporate team. In our newest Business Legal Advice video, David (head of Corporate) talks you through the various corporate legal services that we offer our customers.

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Trusted legal advice

David discusses the most common questions he gets asked, offering honest answers for those interested in getting help with the legal side of business.

Topics covered in the video range from:

  • Getting help setting up a business
  • Funding your new or existing business
  • Increasing the value of your business if you’re looking to sell
  • Helping you with employment law

David also discusses the benefits of using our disputes department when dealing with contractual disputes which may arise during your day to day work.

More advice from David

If you’d like more expert advice from David, you can read his previous articles on maximising your business share value with tax on sales and entrepreneur relief and share valuation.

Take a look at our corporate services for more useful guides.

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