Our Fixed Fee Grant-Only Service

If you are an Executor who has the time to gather together all of the information needed about the estate, but you need help with the application to the Probate Registry for the Grant which will enable you to deal with the assets in the estate, then we can assist with this discrete aspect of the estate administration.

This service is specifically tailored for those clients who only need help with the preparation and submission of the application for a Grant of Probate (or Grant of Letters of Administration, if there is no Will).

If you are not sure if you need a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, click here to read our Guide to dealing with the death of a loved one. This guide explains why a Grant might be needed and what you have to do to obtain it.

What does the service include?

To assist you with the application for the Grant, we will:-

  • Meet with you to discuss the information we require.
  • Review the information provided by you for the Grant application and advise if any further information is needed.
  • On the basis of the information you provide, prepare the HMRC inventory of the assets and liabilities of the estate (Form IHT 205).
  • Prepare the Statement of Truth for you to sign.
  • Meet with you to review and sign and approve the inventory and to sign the Statement of Truth.
  • Submit the inventory and Statement of Truth to the Probate Registry, together with the Will (if there is one) and any Codicil (if there are any), and the application fee.
  • Once issued, send the Grant to you.

What does this service not include?

This service is not available for larger or more complex estates which have to be declared to HMRC. Click here for information about how we can help with these estates – Our Estate Administration Services.

We cannot usually provide this service if the application is more complex because there is the need for additional documents to be drafted, such as the preparation of an Affidavit if there is a query about the validity of the Will or where a foreign Will needs to be proved.

We can provide advice about other aspects of the administration of the estate for an additional charge.

How long will it take to obtain the Grant?

Once we have all of the necessary information, we can have the application documentation ready within 7 to 10 working days.

Once the Grant application has been submitted, we normally receive the Grant from the Probate Registry within three weeks, although it can sometimes take longer if the Probate Registry has a busy caseload.

What will be the fees for this service?

We charge a fixed fee of £750 plus VAT for this service. Since we are required to verify your identity when commencing work for you, we also make a charge of £10 plus VAT per person.

Additional payments or disbursements:-

  • Probate Court Fee – £155 plus 50p charged for each copy of the Grant required (Please note that Grant application fees are due to increase in April 2019).

Interested in our Grant-Only Service?

If you would like to use our Fixed Fee Grant-Only Service, please enquire using the form below. Our expert team will be in touch with you to discuss your needs further.

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