Litigation Advice: What should I do before I start my Court claim?

June 8, 2018   |   Written by: Liam O’Shea

Astle Paterson is happy to announce a new blog series, in which our premier solicitors will be offering helpful advice on different stages of the litigation process. These bite-size primers are intended to provide a window into what can be ...

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Grandparents Legal Rights and Expectations

May 23, 2018   |   Written by: Justine Woodcock

MPs are giving increased criticism to the current Child Arrangements Programme, which gives no presumption of rights for Grandparents to see their Grandchildren in the event of the parent’s divorce. This lack of automatic entitlement has become a contentious issue ...

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Barbara Windsor, raising awareness of dementia

May 21, 2018   |   Written by: Maria Pusey

Beloved actress Barbara Windsor’s husband Scott Mitchell revealed that she has Alzheimer’s Disease. In a touching interview, Mr Mitchell described how Barbara had started to find it difficult to learn her lines in 2009 and, following a series of tests, ...

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Our Spring 2018 newsletter has arrived!

May 15, 2018

We are delighted to announce the release of our Spring 2018 newsletter, your one-stop shop for the latest in Astle Paterson news. Download the newsletter for free here The newsletter contains highlights from the editorial output of our legal experts, ...

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How to maximise your company’s share value, part 2 – Share Valuation

April 25, 2018   |   Written by: David Williams

It’s time to consider the value of your shares in the Company you (or your family) have helped to create, but how do you value them? This is a leading question. For example, in the late 1990s, new technology businesses ...

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How to maximise your company’s share value, part 1 – Tax on Sales and ER

April 19, 2018   |   Written by: David Williams

As your business develops and you decide that it will need further financing or resources, you may find yourself toying with the option of realising the capital value of what you have created. It’s at this point that the issue ...

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New ISA regulations: What you need to know

April 17, 2018   |   Written by: Sarah Nash

As of 6th April 2018, it has become even more beneficial for couples to invest in an Individual Savings Account (ISA), as new government regulations have further extended ISA tax protections for surviving spouses and civil partners, following on from ...

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Video: Wills, your commonly asked legal questions answered

April 9, 2018   |   Written by: Sarah Nash

Following on from our well-received video answering some of the most commonly asked questions about Divorce, we sat down with another of our solicitors to give the same clarity to the field of Wills. In the video Sarah Nash, our ...

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5 things you should know before buying a New Build home

March 16, 2018   |   Written by: Naomi Wilson

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy a New Build home. One of the best (aside from that new carpet smell and all that fresh paint) is that you don’t have to worry about a long chain being ...

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5 pointers on avoiding cyber crime

March 15, 2018   |   Written by: Deborah Pegg

Astle Paterson were recently paid a visit by Matt Hough-Clewes, also known as the Digital PCSO. He came to deliver presentations on cyber crime — a concept that may sound like it belongs in a dystopian science fiction thriller, but is ...

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