What is an Indemnity Policy & why do I need it?

August 24, 2018   |   Written by: Saima Razaq

We often get asked the question: What is an Indemnity Policy? If you have bought or sold a house in recent years, you might have been informed by your Solicitor that you need a special type of insurance policy taking ...

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Five tips for avoiding the pitfalls of buying a property with your child

August 21, 2018   |   Written by: Sarah Nash

As lawyers, we are seeing an increasing number of cases where family members are pooling funds for shared ownership houses to live in together, or where an older member of the family pays for an extension or “granny annexe” to ...

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Video: Litigation, your commonly asked legal questions answered

August 1, 2018   |   Written by: Liam O’Shea

Our legal advice video series now has a new entry taking on the field of Litigation. This subject can be fraught with uncertainty for our clients, so we sat down with our leading Litigation expert to provide a reassuring and ...

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Landlords – Provide incoming tenants with a Gas Safety Certificate!

July 17, 2018   |   Written by: Katie Burgess

A significant ruling in an appeal case may change the way that landlords handle providing tenants with Gas Safety Certificates – and landlords should be prepared in case of future disputes, by ensuring they provide a Gas Safety Certificate before ...

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Litigation Advice: Are there alternatives to a full Trial?

July 17, 2018   |   Written by: Liam O’Shea

Our previous Litigation Advice blog posts have addressed the different stages of making a Court claim – Pre-action protocols, issuing a claim, and the potential Tracks of courtroom proceedings. For this entry, we’re looking at an alternative approach to the ...

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Litigation Advice: What happens after a Defence has been filed?

July 10, 2018   |   Written by: Liam O’Shea

For the third part of our Litigation Advice blog series, we are discussing what happens once the preparatory stages of a Court Claim are complete. To find out more about the preliminary stages, start with our first entry. The 3 ...

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Supporting Fundraiser of the Year

July 10, 2018

Astle Paterson were proud to be a part of this years’ Burton Mail Heroes Awards on 4th July 2018, sponsoring ‘The Fundraiser of the Year’ category. We would like to once more issue a hearty “congratulations” to Brian Storer (pictured), ...

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Landlords – Are you ready to “test the market” for building insurance?

July 3, 2018   |   Written by: Katie Burgess

The way that landlords arrange building insurance for their tenants is set to change following a successful challenge of current policy. It is common in leases for the landlord to insure the building, with the tenant reimbursing the cost of ...

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Litigation Advice: How do I start Court proceedings?

June 18, 2018   |   Written by: Liam O’Shea

This is the second part of an ongoing blog series which aims to go into greater detail on the steps of the litigation process. To read about pre-court actions, take a look at our first blog. Issuing a court claim ...

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Assured Tenancy: What are the Risks?

June 15, 2018   |   Written by: Oliver Peckham

Under certain conditions, your long-term lease might be considered an “Assured Tenancy” – which means anything but assurance for you. Residential long leasehold properties are becoming increasingly popular, both with buyers and developers. While such an arrangement can be promising, it ...

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