Video: Your Guide to Creating a Will

June 18, 2019   |   Written by: Alex Rivers

Following on from our well-received video answering some of the most commonly asked questions about Divorce, we sat down with another of our solicitors to give the same clarity to the field of Wills. In the video Alex Rivers, our ...

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Tenant Fees Act 2019 – What are the changes?

June 7, 2019   |   Written by: Liam O’Shea

To help landlords understand the implications of the Tenant Fees Act 2019, we’ve summarised the key changes that it brings, and what it does away with.

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Ensuring the best succession planning for your business

May 28, 2019   |   Written by: David Williams

For successful company owners who are thinking of business succession, the options are many and varied, and no single solution is right for everyone. With our many years of experience in business law, we’ve seen many companies pass hands – ...

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Understanding corporate finance law

May 22, 2019   |   Written by: David Williams

Dealing with funding for your company can have a resounding impact that extends beyond your business life and into your personal life. With so much at stake, it is important to understand and prepare for any scenario – that is ...

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EMI share options: How to incentivise key staff

May 21, 2019   |   Written by: David Williams

In this first entry in our corporate advice series, we discuss EMI share options and their potential benefits to corporation and employee alike.

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Section 21 changes – The end of no-fault evictions?

April 20, 2019   |   Written by: Liam O’Shea

Many landlords are in need of sound legal advice following the recently proposed section 21 changes; read our brief and simple breakdown.

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Conveyancing Advice Part 4: Exchange of Contracts

April 18, 2019   |   Written by: Rachel Gibbs

This is our Conveyancing Advice series, where we’ve been talking about the involved process that is selling a house, the necessary documentation, and how a Conveyancer will help guide proceedings. In this, the final part, we’re talking about the end ...

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Conveyancing Advice Part 3: Setting a timescale for completion

April 9, 2019   |   Written by: Saima Razaq

As part of our commitment to provide expert advice in legal matters for concerned customers, we’re providing advice on the often-complex matter of conveyancing. In the previous entries, we’ve discussed specifics of the buyer’s responsibility to provide proof of funds, ...

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A Guide to Getting Divorced with Young Children Part 3: The Family Court hearing process

April 8, 2019   |   Written by: Nigel Smith

This is the final part of our 3-part series on the proceeds of divorce with children. So far, we have covered the three different court orders available in detail in Part 1: What orders can the Court make? Then, we ...

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Conveyancing Advice Part 2: What does a conveyancer do?

April 2, 2019   |   Written by: Rachel Gibbs

This is the second entry in our four-part conveyancing advice blog series, where we hope to shed some light on the complex transaction that is the sale of a house. Last time, we discussed the buyer’s responsibility to provide proof ...

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